About Us

BVT Publishing is a family-run textbook publishing company. Our business revolves around instructors and students. Since 2003, we have been providing quality, affordable textbooks in a variety of disciplines. Our founder is a former economics professor who decided that his students were simply paying too much for their textbooks. His son, also a former educator and now BVT's president, has directed the company through several phases of growth over the past several years. We continue striving to exceed expectations for quality and service.

BVT Publishing represents quality, convenience and savings in several ways:

  1. Affordable online student support. www.BVTlab.com offers students the ability to enhance their retention and comprehension of our textbooks' content by providing them with flash cards, chapter summaries, and practice quizzes.
  2. Active learning. Our Top Hat version of each textbook provides students with built-in active learning components such as practice questions, YouTube and Vimeo videos to enrich the lesson, and PowerPoint slides to summarize the material.
  3. Instant Access. This new program is designed to get students off to a great start each semester by giving them access to the materials needed on day one of class—and offering them the best possible price for their textbook and online resources. Instructors can simply ask their sales representative for a free access code to distribute to their students.
  4. Affordability counts too! Now more than ever, textbook costs are critical to students and many adopting professors. BVT Publishing is proud of the fact that other publishers' comparable textbooks are two to three times our cost.
  5. Our books are updated regularly, but not unnecessarily. Every two to three years, BVT Publishing makes sure the content of each of our books is current and relevant—while maintaining very reasonable pricing.